Aphelion Events is a new, cool and professional experience provider that can help you create the most unique and bespoke event you could have ever thought possible. Established in 2018, Aphelion’s mission is to provide northern couples and clients with an event service like no other, challenging convention and championing creativity by crafting experiences that let individuality shine through.


At Aphelion Events we believe that weddings and events should encapsulate what makes you unique, breaking away from traditions to embrace individuality. We don’t believe in themes here at Aphelion, your event is an extension of your personality, so we work with you to ensure that comes through in each aspect of your day. Whether it’s a bohemian style tipi wedding or an industrial inspired city celebration, we can help you create an event unlike any other, one that screams you in each and every way.

We source, build and create all of our hire items ourselves to ensure they meet the Aphelion trademark style. It’s important to us that our products are unique, just like each of our customers, couples and clients, so we are constantly building our stock for you to handpick items that match your individual taste.

About the owner

Faye: Inspired by her own wedding, founder Faye Gilling launched Aphelion after realising other wedding planning services just couldn’t match her eclectic vision. With a background in marketing and years of event planning experience, she is now on a one woman crusade (with the backing of the Aphelion squad) to help more northerners craft weddings and events that truly capture their individual spirit, style and soul.

About our name


In astronomy aphelion is the point in any orbit of a celestial body most distant from the sun. Just like its astronomical definition, here at Aphelion we want to provide you with an experience that goes further than you ever imagined. The sky is the limit when it comes to your event and we endeavour to provide you with a service that knows no bounds, in every way you can possibly imagine.